Price list

In our dry dock storage facility you can store boats, mobile homes, trailers and more for a good price. We are adapted our pricing options to our client needs so you can pay per day, per month or per year. See below our latest price-list.

Pricelist 2016

Pricelist 2016

Daily price for storeaging vessels regardless of lenght is 114kn (15€)

  • Base for the boat to the 8 m lenght is 76kn (10€) monthly
  • Base for the boat over 8 m lenght would be by the accordance
  • Storeaging yet to the 3,5m lenght in closed space is 456kn (60€) monthly

Pricelist is valid for 2016.

Prices in euros are informative.
Complains book is kept on dry dock reception!

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